🌍 Premio Gaming's Ultimate "Ark Survival Evolved" Experience on Ragnarok! 🦖


Join us on an exhilarating journey in Ark Survival Evolved, set on the diverse landscapes of Ragnarok. At Premio Gaming, we've tailored an experience that gets you into the action quicker, with enhanced game progression settings. From faster harvesting and swift leveling up to efficient dino breeding and taming, everything's been optimized for maximum fun!


Make sure you open each link, it will take you Steam, simply subscribe to the mod.

When you open the game, the mods will download, after that, you can join the server.

Joining Premio Gaming's ARK Server Is Easy! 🎮

  1. Installing Mods:

    • Click on each provided link which will redirect you to Steam.
    • Simply hit the 'Subscribe' button for each mod.
    • Launch your ARK game, and the mods will automatically download.
  2. Connecting to the Server:

    • Open Steam and navigate to: View → Game Servers → Favorites.
    • Click on the '+' sign to add a new server.
    • Enter the server details:
      • IP Address:
      • Map: Ragnarok.
    • Select our server from the list and dive into the adventure!

Prepare for an unparalleled ARK experience with Premio Gaming! 🦖🌍

Featured Mods for an Enhanced Gaming Experience:

  1. Structures Plus (S+) - Revamps building mechanics, offering a smoother building experience with a plethora of additional structures and QoL improvements.

  2. Awesome SpyGlass! - Elevate your scouting with an advanced spyglass tool. Know more about dinos, players, and other entities with just one glance.

  3. Ultra Stacks - Streamline your inventory management! Items stack in larger quantities, reducing weight and increasing organization.

  4. Valguero Dino and Map Extension - Expand your adventure with additional creatures and hidden surprises from Valguero map.

  5. Dino Storage v2 - Conveniently store dinos as items! Reduces server lag, ensures safety, and declutters your surroundings.

  6. Editable Server UI (WBUI) Open Source - A complete UI redesign. Enhance your server's aesthetics and information presentation.

  7. Awesome Teleporters! - Quickly traverse the map using advanced teleporters. It's safe, efficient, and adds a modern touch to your journey.

  8. Super Structures - A successor to Structures Plus. Offers a seamless building experience with extra features.

  9. Death Recovery Mod - Never lose your items upon death. This mod introduces a gravestone mechanic to reclaim your lost items.

  10. HG Stacking Mod - A quality-of-life mod that massively increases the stack sizes for resources and some consumables.

  11. Ragnarok - ARK Expansion Map - Dive deep into the diverse landscapes and environments of Ragnarok. From vast plains to high mountain ranges, Ragnarok offers a world of exploration.

  12. Reusable Plus - Making your survival journey more sustainable! All the throwables are now reusable.

Server Details:

  • IP Address:
  • Map: Ragnarok

Are you ready to experience ARK like never before? Dive into Premio Gaming's server and embark on your ultimate survival adventure. Just ensure you've got all the mods installed to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. See you on Ragnarok! 🌋🦕🔥