🌍 Premio Gaming: ARK Survival Ascended Server 🌋

🌟 Why Choose Premio Gaming's Server? 🌟

Simply Search for Manowar Server, and join the fun

Revamped Rates for the Ultimate Gameplay ✨ Tired of the slow grind? On our server, we've boosted your rates to make your Ark experience more enjoyable:

  • 🪓 5x Harvest: Gather resources with less grind.
  • 🦖 5x Taming: Bring those majestic creatures to your side faster!
  • 🧠 5x XP: Progress through the game at a pace that feels rewarding.
  • 🥚 Enhanced Egg Hatching: No more waiting around for days. Watch your dino babies come to life swiftly!
  • 👶 Faster Baby Maturation: Let your dinos grow stronger, faster.

🎮 Tailored Server Settings 🎮 Our team has tweaked the server settings meticulously to ensure a smoother, more pleasurable experience for every survivor. Dive into an environment where game mechanics are in harmony with player enjoyment.

🎉 Join The Tribe, We Have Space! 🎉 With 50 slots available, there's ample room for you and your friends to embark on your Ark journey together. Whether you're a solo player or part of a team, Premio Gaming welcomes you.

💡 About New Ark Ascendent 💡 Step into the world of New Ark Ascendent, a game that takes the Ark experience to new heights. With revamped gameplay, mechanics, and a world just waiting to be discovered, players are in for a treat. Dive into breathtaking environments, face evolved challenges, and shape your story as you ascend in this next chapter of Ark.

Note: For assistance with taming, understanding dinos, item details, and more, the Dododex is a valuable resource.


Mods used on the server:

  1. Moros Indomitable Duo:

    • This mod introduces the Moro Rex and Moro Raptor to the game, providing players with new creatures to encounter and tame.
  2. Balanced Kibble 2:

    • Balanced Kibble 2 aims to make the kibble cooking process more accessible while retaining its fun aspect, making it easier for players to produce kibble for taming creatures.
  3. Super Spyglass/Super Binoculars:

    • Super Spyglass enhances the in-game Spyglass tool, providing more detailed information about creatures and rebalancing aspects of the game.
  4. Utilities Plus:

    • Utilities Plus simplifies the use of reusable tools, making it more convenient for players to maintain their equipment.
  5. Solo Farm Mod:

    • This mod is designed to assist solo players in farming resources more efficiently.
  6. ARKomatic:

    • ARKomatic adds Quality of Life structures to Ark, including auto-crafters and smaller, faster crafting versions of vanilla structures.
  7. Kavan's Shop & Missions:

    • Kavan's Shop & Missions introduces a shop, mission system, and extensive configuration options to enhance the gameplay experience.
  8. Sinomacrops:

    • Sinomacrops brings Sinomacrops creatures to the game, expanding the variety of creatures available for players to encounter.
  9. Pelayori's Cryo Storage (Crossplay!):

    • This mod adds cryopods for dino storage, along with related tools and features, providing more convenient creature management options.
  10. Additions Ascended: Helicoprion:

    • Adds the Helicoprion creature from ARK Additions to your game.
  11. Additions Ascended: Archelon:

    • Introduces the Archelon creature from ARK Additions to the game.
  12. Additions Ascended: Deinotherium:

    • Adds the Deinotherium creature from ARK Additions to your Ark world.
  13. Additions Ascended: Brachiosaurus:

    • This mod introduces the Brachiosaurus creature from ARK Additions to the game.
  14. Additions Ascended: Deinosuchus:

    • Adds the Deinosuchus creature from ARK Additions to your game world.
  15. Additions Ascended: Xiphactinus:

    • Introduces the Xiphactinus creature from ARK Additions to your Ark world.
  16. Additions Ascended: Ceratosaurus:

    • This mod adds the Ceratosaurus creature from ARK Additions to the game.
  17. Styracosaurus:

    • Adds the Styracosaurus creature to the game for players to encounter and potentially tame.
  18. Electric Power Amplifier:

    • This mod introduces wireless power outlets, providing an alternative method for powering your structures.
  19. Gryphons:

    • Gryphons have returned to Ascended, bringing many more features and possibilities for players to explore.