Premio Gaming Server features & mods:

1. **SiSL Mega Pack**: An expansive collection of cabin accessories and customization options to personalize your truck's interior.

2. **Rain & Wiper Sound**: Enhances the immersion of rainy weather with authentic rain and windshield wiper sound effects.

3. **Sisl CB Radio**: Brings the trucker experience to life with a detailed CB radio unit and chatter.

4. **Special Police Escort**: Introduces unique police escort vehicles and scenarios for special transport missions.

5. **Real Traffic Density**: Improves the realism of road traffic by adjusting the frequency and variety of vehicles on the highways.

6. **Pepsi Scania Skin & Trailer Skin**: Custom skin for your Scania truck and trailer featuring the iconic Pepsi branding.

7. **Weather 2.9.1**: Overhauls the game's weather system for a more realistic and dynamic climate experience.

8. **Realistic Headlight**: Enhances the truck headlights, making nighttime driving more lifelike with improved illumination and patterns.

9. **Xenon Headlights**: Introduces bright, white xenon headlamps to upgrade your truck's visibility and aesthetics.

10. **Real Train Sounds**: Amplifies the authenticity of railway crossings with genuine train horn and movement sounds.

11. **Real Real Company**: Replaces in-game fictitious companies with real-world counterparts for an added touch of realism.

12. **Beautiful Advertisement**: Introduces eye-catching and realistic billboards and advertisements throughout the game world.

13. **Waze Navigation**: Integrates the popular Waze navigation system into the game, complete with its familiar interface and alerts.

14. **Route Advisor**: Enhances the in-game route guidance system, providing clearer and more detailed directions for your journeys.