Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried answering most questions that might come to your mind. In the case you have other questions, or simply need to contact us, please go to the Contact Us Tab.

Premio Consolidated introduces website development and digital marketing services to business owners, we offer a wide range of services from creating mobile apps, to taking a business to the next level locally or globally.

We aim to have a one stop shop for all businesses to enjoy and be able to move up their businesses and increase their revenue.

We have experts in all field of services we offer, once our client tells us about what they want, we give an estimation for the delivery, once our service is done the customer will recieve all details and be able to enjoy what they have asked for.

We also work closely with our customer, so during that time, the client will have almost day to day updates while the service is being performed.

Once you send us an email, you will get a confirmation reply that we have recieved your request. We usually respond within 2 - 3 business days unless we are under pressure it might take a little longer. But rest assured we will always reply back and help you in everyway we can.

If for any reason our service is not up to your standards, nor has fulfilled your need, consider it a free service on us.

Our services are always top notch, and if your are not satisifed with them your money will be refunded to you.

Our prices for each service vary.

We understand that no two businesses are alike, so in each service we added packages. You as our customer will have the ability to choose which package you need from such service that is needed for your business.

There is no need to pay extra for a service when you need a part of it or the other way around.

If for any reason our company declined to provide a spcific service, it is because we are either unable to work on such project nor provide the service for it.

We also might be at full capacity and non of our experts are free as they are working with other clients on other projects.

We will always explain the reason and will always help in anyway we can.

Before ordering services for your project or business, it is recommended that you contact us via email or live chat to schedule a meeting in order for us to understand your need, your business and the service your looking for.

Once that is done, we will guide you the best service to order and we can start working together.

This helps our team understand your exact needs, and also helps you understand what to expect from us.

Sometimes our system detects an unusual activity such as mismatch in billing address, or a large order or failure to pass the risk assesment.

In some cases we may ask for verification depending on the situation.

The verfication is needed to proceed with the order, this will ensure a safe and smooth tranaction between our store and the customer.

Your data is safe and secured and will never be used in anything other than our verification process.